Cover Design

Cover Design

“Do not judge a book by its cover.” This may be true in the practical world, but as far as selling books is concerned, people do judge a book by its cover. In all honesty, most people will not buy your book if your cover design is unattractive. So, regardless of how extraordinary the story might be, a good cover design is also a must if you want people to take a look inside.

Our team specializes in creating interfaces and visual identity graphic designs that will leave a lasting impression on your potential readers. With years of experience in the designing industry, our designers take abstract ideas and turn them into beautiful art forms. Moreover, our designers collaborate with our writing superstars who dissect concepts from your book and use this information to develop illustrations that are bound to increase readership and market penetration.

So, hire a book cover designer with us today, and get high-quality covers at competitive prices.

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We Provide a Diverse Range of Editing Services
to Keep Your Book Free of All the Errors

Our editing professionals make sure to completely eradicate the possibility of any error or mishap. Whether it’s a spelling error or a grammatical mistake, we will take care of it all. Our team of editors makes sure that they structure your book and provide format for it in such a way that it fulfills all the requirements.


Softcover books are also known as paperback or softback books. Its covers are made with thick paper or paperboard. Some hardbound books use paperboard cover as well, but it is tightly glued and sewn for durability whereas paperback books are just glued.

This cost-effective form of bookbinding is reserved for books that people wouldn’t want to collect, but does the job publishers and other groups want of getting the message out to people.


These are also known as hardcovers, hardbound, and case-bound books. They take its name from the thick and hard covers which can be made with durable materials like Binder’s board, paperboard, buckram, thick cloth, or leather.

Hardcover books are more durable, but they cost more than paperback books. Because of the price, hardcover-type books are usually reserved for books with anticipated high sales.

Dust Jacket

The dust jacket of a book is the detachable outer cover, usually made of paper and printed with text and illustrations. This outer cover has folded flaps that hold it to the front and back book covers. A covered dust jacket serves as a barrier against scratches, scuffs, spills, and anything else that might otherwise ruin a book.

The glossy cover and paper jacket combination protects the book cover underneath against spills, stains, and other marks that might occur.

E-Book Covers

A great eBook cover is one of your best sales tools, instantly conveying the key thoughts, messages, and images that sum up your story. On those crowded eBook retail sites, it's essential for you to stand out from everyone else.

Digital books with creative covers can help increase the number of books you sell, so make sure your book looks good in a thumbnail format as well.

Express Your Idea & Tell Your Story
Through Our Ghostwriters

Ghostwriting Craft prides itself as being one of the finest ghostwriting agencies around. We firmly uphold our mission statement of providing our clients with quality work and timely deliveries. Our talented ghostwriters strive to do justice to your book.


Our ghostwriters write character-focused narratives with ample symbolisms, metaphors, and allegories to make your fiction book fun to read for your readers.


Every nonfiction book should have a coherent topic and serve a clear purpose. Our ghostwriters create a clear path for your readers to achieve their goals.


An autobiography should include all the most important details of your life story. Our ghostwriters extensively research the information you send to make the most of your autobiography.


A good memoir has universality while being truthfully original. Our ghostwriters ensure your memoir is novelistic, with an unfolding storyline or plot, and scenes intermixed with narrative.


The thriller genre often includes unexpected plot twists, a wicked bad guy, and page-turning tension. Our ghostwriters generate excitement, suspense, interest, and exhilaration with your thriller book.


A great adventure novel should keep the reader on the edge of their seat with a constant hum of suspense. Our ghostwriters keep the story moving even between dramatic plot points.


Become a writing virtuoso.

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