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Publishing a book is a crucial step towards its success as it is the ultimate goal of every author. With our self-publishing services, we can help you publish your book most effectively to achieve its full potential. You can trust us to handle everything from formatting to making it available on various platforms. We understand that publishing a book can be a hassle, and we are here to save you time and energy. Self-publishing services are not just about displaying one's writing skills but also a personal growth experience. It requires authors to dig deep and be honest with themselves, which can sometimes be a struggle. Investing in your book's publication is an investment in your future because it can open doors to new opportunities you never expected. So, let us help you publish your book and turn your dream into a reality.



Books have become an essential part of modern life. However, writing a book is more challenging than it may seem. It can be daunting, especially for new writers. As a new writer, you must put in much effort, ambition, and discipline to succeed. These days, more people than ever before are becoming authors, which makes the book publishing process even more challenging. If you have completed your manuscript and are now on the verge of becoming an author, you need to consider the best self-publishing services available. One of the best ways to self-publish a book is through self-publishing on Amazon. With self-publishing services, you can streamline the book publishing process, including book formatting, book cover design, book marketing, so that your book reaches a wider audience.

It is essential to understand that publishing a book is not just about writing but also about marketing and promoting it. Thousands of books are published daily, but only a few succeed. The reason is simple - they need more self-publishing services to give their book the reach and engagement to make it a huge success. At The Book Writing House, we provide top-tier self-publishing services to help you self-publish your book on Amazon and other leading platforms locally and internationally. Our self-publishing team will devote their time and energy to making your book a success and streamline the book publishing process for you. So, if you're looking to self-publish your book on Amazon or any other platform, contact us to get the best self-publishing services and make your dream of becoming an author a reality.

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Our editing professionals make sure to completely eradicate the possibility of any error or mishap. Whether it’s a spelling error or a grammatical mistake, we will take care of it all. Our team of editors makes sure that they structure your book and provide format for it in such a way that it fulfills all the requirements.


With print-on-demand, you can reduce your financial risk and easily make updates to existing titles. You never have to worry about running out of stock, and the quality of your book is never compromised. Additionally, print-on-demand can be easily scalable, making it a great option for self-publishers who want to grow their business. If you want to self-publish a book on Amazon, print-on-demand is a great self-publishing service. By using print-on-demand, you can ensure that your book is always available for purchase without worrying about managing inventory. This makes self-publishing on Amazon a cost-effective and efficient option for independent authors.

E-Book Conversion

Self-publishing services have made it easier than ever to self-publish a book on Amazon as an eBook. One of the essential steps in the self-publishing process is e-book conversion. E-book conversion involves converting your book document into a format that can be read by eReaders such as Amazon's Kindle. Two main e-book formats are used in the industry: ePub and .mobi. ePub is a versatile format that works with almost every eReader, while .mobi is specific to Amazon's Kindle. By converting your book into one or both formats, you can ensure that your book is adaptable, accessible, and easily searchable on Amazon and other eReader platforms. E-book conversion offers additional benefits, such as greater traceability, improved analytics, and more secure content. By converting your book into an eBook, your book is available in rich media formats, which can enhance the reading experience for your audience.


Self-publishing is the act of publishing media, especially a creative work of art, as the author or artist, without the use of a publishing house or company. One of the best self-publishing options available today is on Amazon, allowing authors to self-publish their books and reach a global audience. By self-publishing on Amazon, authors can have complete creative control, higher book royalty rates, and full autonomy over the publishing process. Additionally, self-publishing on Amazon is a cost-effective way to publish a book, and independent authors can use self-publishing services to make the process even easier. With self-publishing, it is easier to make changes if something isn’t working well, and independent authors can quickly adapt to market changes and reader feedback.

ISBN Acquisition

For independent authors who want to self-publish a book, obtaining an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is essential to the book publishing process. An ISBN is a national and international standard identification number that uniquely identifies a book, making it easier for booksellers, libraries, and readers to find and purchase it. When self-publishing on Amazon, obtaining an ISBN is not required, as Amazon provides a unique identifier known as an ASIN. However, having an ISBN improves the likelihood that your book will be found and purchased because, by having an ISBN, your book is included in databases that booksellers and libraries use to find books. Self-publishing services can help independent authors obtain an ISBN for their book, making it easier to market and distribute the title. With an ISBN, your book is linked to essential information about the book, such as the author, title, and publisher, which can improve the book's visibility and credibility.

We Provide a Diverse Range of Publishing Services
to Publish Your Book in Every Platform

Book Publishers at the Book Writing House ensure your book isn’t just available, but easily accessible to the target audience. Here are a few from the list of platforms we cater:

Barnes and Nobles

Barnes & Nobles is a credible book publishing platform through which you can reach an extensive audience!

Google books

Through Google Books, you’d be able to reach your targeted audience within your strategic time zone.

Apple Books

A platform already possessing millions of books, become one of the premium authors!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is home to most of the best-sellers, you’re just a click away to become one as well!


For a diverse reading audience, Kobo is just the platform where your book should be published!


A platform that provides not only publishing but campaigns as well.


A fast and easy publishing platform considered as one of the largest eBook distributors in the world.

Ingram Spark

Through Ingram Spark, reach an uncountable amount of readers, through libraries and retailers. Ingram Spark is a global platform, just the one you need for extensive publishing!

Asked Questions

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Google Book Publishing, Ingram Sparks, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble Press, Kobo, iBooks, etc., are all platforms where self-published authors can publish their books.

Although we charge a certain fee for the assistance but we’re not a publishing company. We can help you in the book publishing process and self-publish your book from the editing and formatting stage to uploading to platforms such as Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark.

It would be best if you began to organize your ISBN before ordering your formatting. There is a website where you can purchase your ISBN in the U.S. Bowker.com.

No, we don’t print books. We can help format your book into a file type that is ready to be printed by any printing company, including print-on-demand companies such as Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP.


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